Catch me if you can.

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Customers have never been harder to catch in Kansas City. Smartphones. Tablets. Streaming video. DVRs. Network TV. 500 cable channels. Video on demand. Your customers are watching their favorite programming on their time, in their own ways. They’re price shopping while standing in your store. They’re watching TV and surfing the web at the same time. What’s a KC small business owner to do?

Own something. You can’t possibly be everywhere, all the time. Don’t try. You’ll spread your budget too thin. Instead, own one thing and really own it. Smother it. Become the king of the hill. And the best part, you get to pick the hill. Pick the smartest media vechile and own it. Own one TV station. Own a billboard by your business. Own the sidewalks around your shop. Own morning drive on radio. Own Facebook. Own one day of the week. Then support your media ownership with complementary marketing and smart creative content that connects with your customers. Work on making every individual customer contact count.

You don’t have to catch all of  Kansas City in mass. Plant your flag on the hill of your choosing and let your customers come to you.