Have you seen your own website today?

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Your website isn’t a company brochure that you can print once, then let the boxes gather dust in some closet. Your website is out there, whether you’re paying attention to it or not. So, how long has it been since you updated your website?

Not only will updating the content on your website help customers find you through Google, Bing and the rest, but more importantly it will help bring new customers through your doors. This is especially important to local businesses with a single location. Your website is the one marketing tools that will your doors to the entire city, not just the few who drive by your building.

It’s time to refresh your website.

Step back and look at your site, not as the owner, but as a customer.
• Does your site look as dated as that Members Only jacket hanging in your closet?
• Have you been using the same photos for the last five years?
• Is there any outdated material on it?
• Does your site invite visitors to call, click or come by?
• Does it represent your business, your attitude and style?
• Do you offer special discounts or keep up with new product information?

Let us have a look at your site. It won’t cost you a dime. You don’t have to be cutting edge, but you do have to give your customers a reason to return. We’d love to help.