How to Boost your Digital Presence: Tips, Tricks and Trends

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THE WORLD OF DIGITAL MARKETING encompasses a lot of different categories: display ads, social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, blogs, PPC… The list goes on and on. Digital marketing is an ever-evolving medium that has become an essential marketing platform for businesses in any industry.

Video advertising is at an all-time high, with click through rates at 1.84%. Virtual assistance technology, like Siri and Okay Google, allows us to ask our devices questions out loud. We can use apps on our smartphones for anything from checking the score of the Royals game to checking our bank account balance to pay bills. Also, the use of wearable technology – Garmin Vivofit, Fitbit, iWatch, etc. –  is growing at an astounding rate of 35% every year.

All of these things are great opportunities for businesses and marketers, because it results in new ways to communicate with and reach our customers; however, that also means that we have to adjust to the ebbs and flows of the digital stratosphere. The more involved and in-tune you are to the digital side, the higher your search rankings will be, which translates to higher website traffic, which then translates to potential new customers and sales.

Here are some helpful tips that will help you when you’re planning your digital marketing strategy (no matter the platform)

– PLAN: make sure you plan for how to track the results of your digital campaign

– CHOOSE: Choosing the right audience for your channel is key. Where do they shop, where do they spending their time online, what is their budget?

– FOCUS: Remember that it is not about you (the brand), but about the customer or guest

– CREATE: Brand consistency is important. All of your messaging and content needs to tell a cohesive story

– RESEARCH: Fresh and relevant content is critical

– DRIVE: Ensure that your digital marketing strategy is driving qualified traffic to your website

– EMBRACE: Stay savvy with the digital trends and cutting-edge marketing options at your disposal