Hunt when the ducks are flying.

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If you looked at your sales over the last year(s) you’ll see peaks when sales are really up and valleys when sales are dismal. Many small business owners (and inexperienced advertising “experts”) will try to spend their way out of a sales valley. The problem is, you can’t. You don’t have enough money in your advertising war chest. In fact very few corporations have deep enough pockets to bring buyers who aren’t in a buying mood into a market.

Let your customers’ past transactions tell you when they’re ready to buy this year.

Spend when your sales are traditionally healthy. Take another look at your sales peaks. By spending at the beginning of each peak, or at the tail end you’ll be able to lengthen the peak’s plateau, soften the valleys on either side and make your budget go further.

So… Strike while the iron’s hot. Pitch your tent where it’s dry. Plant your advertising seeds in fertile soil. And engage your marketing budget when it can make a difference.