Question Everything.

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We’re an advertising agency. Our job is not to have all the answers, but to be smart enough to know which questions to ask, and then be strong enough to ask them.

If you run across an advertising person or agency or consultant who’s quick with a solution, run away. 

A quick marketing solution is no solution. We’ve got to know what the problem is first.

Working with Fasone means answering questions. Lots of questions about your business, your customers, your competition, your inventory, your failures, your successes, your sales department and most importantly, about your market share. You may not have the answer to every question. That’s OK. You won’t know you’re missing the answer until someone asks the right questions.

We’re on a quest to learn more and gain insight into your situation. That’s how we roar for our clients. When you question everything, the answers are right in front of your face.