Terms of Convenience

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When building a structure, there is a set way to do so- you follow the blueprints. There is also a set way to make a bed, cook a recipe and drive a car. With advertising, there is no blueprint, no manual, no recipe.

As Andrew Robertson, writer, says, “… if we really want to maximize the return, we need to add another magic ingredient, creativity- the magical ability (and it is magical) to capture and hold the attention of an individual while we give her some information, a demonstration or experience that changes the way she feels, the way she thinks and most important of all, the way she behaves.”

According to Thermopylae Sciences and Technology, we receive 90% of information via visual messaging and process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Research performed by AdWeek Magazine states that today about 50% of all network traffic is video. In 2021, it will jump up to 75%.

How do we captivate consumers with all the other distracting visuals being produced?

At Fasone & Partners, we like to meet our consumers where they are. Many, if not all, are hard-working Americans, something which we can personally relate to. We strive to produce and create based off of what’s convenient for them- for you. You make the terms; you’re our inspiration.

Whether you’re sitting at home sizing up the competition or just getting started, reach out and let us help you captivate your audience. We don’t use an algorithm, just a little bit of magic.