Want to change your business fortunes? Change your design.

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Design changes everything.

Want to change your bottom line? Change your design. We all buy products and services to remind ourselves, and to show everyone in Kansas City, “THIS is who we are” “THIS is what we stand for.” Think about how many bottles of wine you’ve picked up at the corner Berbiglia store based on label design alone. Your company’s brand design has a direct influence on whether or not I even consider doing business with you. Are you an AutoStartUSA car buyer or an Aristocrat? Your design influences your customers expectations.

Want to motivate – even inspire – your staff? Change your design. No one lives and breathes your business like your staff. No one has a greater positive (or negative) impact on your business brand than your staff. They live their work lives under the umbrella of your business brand every single day. Changing your design can bring new life, a new freshness and a new attitude into your workplace. Your design influences your employees energy.

Want to grow your business? Change your design. Your logo. Your website. Your business cards, social media content, advertising, sales flyers, counter displays, banners, uniforms… Do they look like the company you are, or the company you want to become? Try to see your company from the outside. Is this a business you want to be associated with? If it’s not, change your design.

Change your design, change your fortune.