What’s the point of advertising?

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I’ve had my ideas shot down for every conceivable reason…

“My customers (my boss, my client, my mother) might not like it.
It might not work.
I might look silly.
The committee couldn’t agree.
Purple is the color of the devil.
It’s not perfect.
That’s not how we do things.”

They’re all painful, but they’re all missing the point.

If you keep doing the same things, the same way, why would you expect anything but the same results?

The point of advertising is to find a way to touch someone or move someone or improve someone and change their actions. Even if it feels silly. Even if some people will hate it. And especially because the committee couldn’t agree on it. When your ad does that, it’s doing its job. I’m taking your product/service, and presenting it in a better, smarter way.

You hired me to make something (sales, leads, awareness, communication) happen. Even if this isn’t the way you done things before.