Advertising and Marketing.

Who’s really working on your account? Is it the same team that pitched your business? How long have they been with this agency? When was the last time they walked through your doors?

Marketing is as much about relationships as it is about gross rating points and the size of your logo. Profitable marketing is a partnership. So we’ll be in your stores, at your meetings and hounding your competitors.

You’ll get our top thinkers. Veterans. Opinionated go-getters. Results-oriented advertising wizards. If you’re looking for “yes” women and men, you’d better look somewhere else.


NOBODY plans, places and posts more media in Kansas City than our media pros. That’s buying power. Named “Agency of the Year” by Kansas City’s media community more times than any other ad agency, that’s staying power.

Our secret? Proactive planning – We plan months in advance to not only secure the lowest rates, but also guide your growth. Hard-nosed negotiating – just ask any media rep in town. We can also turn your media on a dime. As a bonus, our buying power gives us priority for “fire sales” and value-added opportunities.

Your media buy will be monitored and verified from start to finish, and the stations will be held accountable for accurate delivery of our schedules. We achieve this by requesting weekly spot times on broadcast buys, monitoring spot placements – both vertical and horizontal – and working with the stations to make adjustments along the way. Bonus schedules will be negotiated for any station that delivers under 90% of the promised audience. We also offer post-buy reporting that matches your actual sales to your media buys.

Bottom line: anybody can buy your media. But, no other media shop, no other ad agency, no other media buyer can deliver your market better, smarter and more efficiently.


People go online for a variety of reasons. You might stream your favorite shows online, or regularly interact on social platforms. Perhaps you’re in the market for new kitchen cabinets or a new car. Researching a new purchase, or getting information about a favorite brand. All of these behaviors take place online. If your website and digital strategy don’t tell customers and prospects what they want to know quickly and easily, you’re losing business. We won’t let that happen. Our responsive, mobile-first designs and campaigns aren’t just good-looking, they are intuitive, informative and drive sales. We also offer search marketing, pay-per-click and email campaigns that yield quantifiable results.


All advertising agencies are eager to show all the pretty ads, logos, and tv spots they’ve done for other companies. Us too. But, what really matters is what can we do specifically for you? That’s going to take a meeting, or two. Until we meet, here’s a quick list of what you’ll find with us:

  • Results-based solutions. Whether you need awareness, traffic, registrations, or revenue – your goals are our goals.
  • Cost estimates for every project. You’ll know, and sign-off on, all costs before we start working.
  • Your deadlines are our deadlines. If you need it tomorrow we’ll figure out how to deliver it tomorrow.
  • You’ll get our recommendations, our passion and our best thinking – but, you’re the boss.

When you’re ready to start talking, we’re ready to start listening.

Public Relations.

Public Relations, Media Relations, PR… all terms that describe getting word out about you, your company, your products and services to those who could potentially buy from you. If PR is an afterthought, you are missing out. Let us help you build a strong brand and a great reputation. We’ll do this by making sure your marketing efforts include PR strategies designed to improve your overall results.

What remains constant is the necessity to get your story out in front of the people who need your products and services. Advertising – in all of its various forms – makes this possible.

Michal Fasone, Managing Partner