A Look Back: It’s Never Too Soon

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2020: where has it gone? We can’t believe it’s almost spring. It seems like just yesterday our conference room was filled to the brim with gifts, wrapping paper, bows and boxes as we celebrated the 30th anniversary of our Toys for Toddies charity event.

The holiday party was celebrated with some of our favorite clients, associates, friends and family. We ate infamous KC BBQ, played games, laughed and went home with extra happy hearts (and full bellies).

Fasone is thrilled to say we had another incredible year of donations, making this one of our biggest years ever. We raised over $6,000 to help our three sponsored families. We received donations of cash, gift cards, toys, clothes and even a washer and dryer. Every wish was fulfilled. The Fasone family got to spend weeks wrapping all the gifts (wrapping competitions may have ensued).

It’s beyond humbling to think about the number of lives we’ve been able touch throughout the years. The kids we donated to our very first year might have children of their own now. The legacy of Toys for Toddies extends beyond each individual year- it shapes lives.

All this kindness wouldn’t be possible without every one our friends and what they have done for us over the years: donating money, toys and household goods, plus much more we can’t list in this blog… ok fine… a few more items we’ve been able to gift due to human generosity:

– car parts
– car repairs
– tires
– mattresses
– microwaves
– refrigerator
– so.much.food

You get the idea. It’s truly amazing.

THANK YOU to all our supporters for showing up and blessing children’s lives for 30 years.
In 2020, we’re already striving to make our 31st Toys for Toddies just as much of a blessing for our new kiddos.

If you’re feeling those winter blues, take a walk down memory lane with us by clicking here to warm up a cold day.

Your Business is Never Too Small for a Little Advertising


Can advertising help your business? The short and probably obvious answer is YES. But what if you’re a small, locally owned mom and pop shop? That answer…also yes. Word of mouth only gets you so far but without a targeted advertising campaign, eventually your customer growth will plateau and you’re going to need to find a way to grow your customer base. Better to get out in front of that lull before it dooms you.

Expansion growth may not be a long-term phase in your plan, but make no mistake, the world around you isn’t standing still. You may be the best at what you do, but unless you’re making an impact in your community, even a little one, eventually you’ll be forgotten or swallowed up by your competition who is out there spreading their good word.

Advertising helps customer growth and increases word of mouth that helped you initially, spurs revenue growth, generates leads and if need be it can help change a negative or outdated perception about your company. The reality is, advertising can do exactly what you need it to do for you.

What works for your neighbor’s business may not be suitable for what you need. But through careful planning and zeroing on the right target demographics for you, you can attract new customers and accelerate growth.

Good advertising isn’t free, but it doesn’t be intimidating and it certainly doesn’t have to bust your budget. Even setting aside a modest allotment to go towards advertising can help change the way you do business.

Five Nominations for 2019 KC Media Mix Awards

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Fasone and Partners would love to congratulate our nominees for the 2019 KC Media Mix Awards. We received a humbling 5 nominations this year including Agency of the Year and individual honors to our very own Laura Strecker (Agency Buyer/Planner of the Year), Leah Fenani (Agency Support Professional of the Year) and Julie Records (Agency Media Director of the Year). Julie was also nominated for the Larger Than Life Award. Way to go ladies. We couldn’t ROAR without you. Learn more about KC Media Mix, including a full list of nominees at the KCMediaMix website.

TV vs. Digital: Mending a rivalry

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There is a war between generations, digital and traditional advertising. The need to evolve can no longer be ignored by Television, as digital has finally surpassed them becoming the dominant advertising media by spending. According to reports, Televised advertising generated $178 billion worldwide with digital surpassing them at $209 billion.


Advertisers are after scale and memorability which television can provide since it has the ability to reach nearly every person on the planet in the course of a month. Digital simply enables an individual not motivating them. Bill McCabe says, “you need to focus on synergies, not the divisions, that exist between TV and digital… The more we think about Google as a destination and less as a starting point, the better we’ll understand its connection to television.


Tv’s scale and digital’s precision are better thought of like milk and cookies: always better together. The latest Facebook IQ study shows that direct correlation. This study observed the everyday behavior of U.S. TV viewers and revealed that 94% of those studied had a smartphone “at the ready” nearby while watching TV. Ending this rivalry by working together will be better for both parties and advertisers in general.

How to Change your Positioning Without Losing Market Share

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Taking Olathe Ford Lincoln from ‘O’Fordable’ to ‘MVP – Market Value Pricing’

After years of branding Olathe Ford Lincoln as the ‘O’Fordable’ place to buy your next vehicle, they decided to make the transition to MVP – Market Value Pricing.  MVP delivers the best price around on new Ford and Lincoln models. No fuss, up front pricing. Market Value Pricing is unique because it is more than a simple positioning statement. It changes the way that cars are bought and sold at Olathe Ford Lincoln. With this in mind, we created an entire marketing campaign around this new platform.

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How to Boost your Digital Presence: Tips, Tricks and Trends

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THE WORLD OF DIGITAL MARKETING encompasses a lot of different categories: display ads, social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, blogs, PPC… The list goes on and on. Digital marketing is an ever-evolving medium that has become an essential marketing platform for businesses in any industry.

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Hunt when the ducks are flying.

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If you looked at your sales over the last year(s) you’ll see peaks when sales are really up and valleys when sales are dismal. Many small business owners (and inexperienced advertising “experts”) will try to spend their way out of a sales valley. The problem is, you can’t. You don’t have enough money in your advertising war chest. In fact very few corporations have deep enough pockets to bring buyers who aren’t in a buying mood into a market.

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Want to change your business fortunes? Change your design.

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Design changes everything.

Want to change your bottom line? Change your design. We all buy products and services to remind ourselves, and to show everyone in Kansas City, “THIS is who we are” “THIS is what we stand for.” Think about how many bottles of wine you’ve picked up at the corner Berbiglia store based on label design alone. Your company’s brand design has a direct influence on whether or not I even consider doing business with you. Are you an AutoStartUSA car buyer or an Aristocrat? Your design influences your customers expectations.

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Results. Heroes. And Egos.

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Results. Heroes. Ego.

What do your customers want? Results. Heroes. And to feel good about themselves (Ego). Your business doesn’t have to deliver all three, but you need to give them at least one or you won’t be in business for very long.

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