It’s good to be 23!!


It’s the Jordan year, 2023, and we’re right where we want to be.

Fasone and Partners were recently ranked #23 on the Kansas City Business Journal’s “Book of Lists”. And we couldn’t be more thrilled.

It’s good because it means we’re good enough to be mentioned prestigiously among the best of the best. But it also means we’re not too big for your meet your needs, budget and give you a personal and immersive experience with our agency team.

It puts us right in that sweet spot of relevance, success and respect within the industry.

Think about it in terms of college basketball rankings. Everyone wants to go play for the big name, elite squads that annually pepper that upper tier of the rankings. But playing with the big boys might mean you take a spot on the bench and might not get the attention you deserve. Maybe your talent goes by the wayside because they’ve always got bigger and better clients in their lineup.

But sitting at #23, we know we’re already good enough to beat those higher ranked agencies on any given day. What should be important to you, is that when you come play with us, you’re going to get a spot in our starting rotation and more importantly, the attention your brand requires.

Let us tell you all about how we can be the agency of destination for your business.

Oh, What a Time!….To Advertise!!

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Halloween is almost here. We’ve all seen the Spirit Halloween memes. An eager business eyeing a newly empty strip mall location knowing it can make a year’s worth of revenue in just two months.

Imagine if that same Halloween chain opened their ‘seasonal’ doors to find out Halloween would be a two year long event. Pretty cool scenario if you’re in the props, costume, and candy business. Not so cool when you hit year three and realize now that Halloween is over, you’re stuck with a lot of plastic masks, hero capes and candy.

Two years after what will be the largest disrupter event in most our lifetimes, we are all still adapting. Your advertising is no different. Running a business today means constant evaluation, exploration, and adaptation. But it’s important to remember what made your marketing successful in the first place.Read More

Disney to Introduce Ad Tier Plan in December


As of December 8th, 2022, Disney+ will no longer be ad-free only. That’s big news considering as of now, Netflix is the lone streaming giant to offer ad-free viewing, but even that is expected to change by spring of 2023.

What does this have to do with you? Well, with so many of the streaming services moving into the unavoidable realm of Over the Top (OTT) streaming, now could be the perfect time to connect with a whole new audience.

Read More

Get to the Point with Your Messaging


Think fast because your new ad only has 5 seconds to get your message across before you lose your audience.

Doesn’t sound easy, does it?

In fact, that opening line equates to 5 seconds of spoken time in a radio and/or television spot. So, think….if you only have five seconds, what’s the most important thing you’d say about your brand?

It’s a lot harder than you think.Read More

Streaming TV? Say goodbye to ad-free (yeah, it’s coming)


Streaming TV won’t be ad-free for much longer

Right now, viewers are loving streaming services because most of them are either ad-free or offer some sort of ad-free option. And for those people who don’t want anything to do with ads, they have proven they’re willing to pay a little extra to avoid commercials interfering with their latest binge.

Peacock and Hulu are already offering multiple subscription tiers with various levels of ad exposure. And not long ago, Disney+ announced plans to offer a lower cost subscription that will include ads. This is expected to happen by the end of the year. It’s only a matter of time before they all follow suit.

Even the streaming king, Netflix, has said while they have no plans right now to add commercials (for now), they’re playing the “never say never” card on the possible future of having Stranger Things season 5 being brought to you by the Ford Motor Company.

The bottom line is streaming services are not a fad. Like them or not, this is the present and future of entertainment viewing, and it’s why none of them can afford to stay in the “ad-free” business for too long. It just doesn’t make financial sense.

The big guns, namely Netflix and Disney, are already having trouble increasing subscription numbers. Let’s face it, just about everyone in North America is already getting their Netflix fix. One way to increase revenue is to start hiking up that monthly fee, but then they risk viewers jumping ship until it’s time for The Mandalorian or Ozark to come back.

They’re all producing more and more content and if people want to be able to see the latest series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, viewers will have to start paying for the privilege to watch without ads. This will, for now, help control monthly subscription prices but make no mistake. Ads are coming to your ad-free streaming services.

This is the time to get in on the streaming bandwagon. More and more people are watching content on streaming services and if streaming is certain to take over what we used to know as linear television viewing, it’s going to have to happen in a world where ad-free is no longer a thing.

Find out how we can help you find your niche in the streaming ads world. Your customers are already watching. Time to get your stream your brand.

The Future of Data Collection?

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It’s no surprise the internet runs on advertising. It’s also no surprise this industry relies on data collection. I’ve struggled with my personal opinions on this for years. So, when I came across it both made me hopeful and gave me pause.

As Americans we’ve already voluntarily given up way too much of our personal data for free untethered internet access. Let’s put that into perspective: Say the average streaming subscription (audio or video) costs a user $19.00/mo. We would call that a bargain for something we use with frequency that delivers a value in the form of content.

Now consider our free access to the internet and what that costs us … free right?

“This means in an economy where your actions generate value –
you don’t have a seat at the table”

Insivibly website

The amount of information we are voluntarily giving up daily grossly outweighs the amount of data collected and the commerce affected as a result.

“You deserve to be rewarded for the work you put into the algorithm – and a fair share of the value
it generates for other parties”

– Insivibly website

Advertising, business, commerce all rely on the convergence and divergence of brands and business in my opinion. A process well defined in ‘The Origin of Brands” by Al and Laura Ries.

Invisibly seem like the ultimate divergence in evolution of data collection and I like it. I think we have to like it. As consumers (or just citizens) we should not let the interest and the lure of instant, free internet access to costs us our most valuable and invisible asset. Ourselves.

“We are creating an AI – Powered platform with a feed that’s a true extension of you, rather than a feed strategically curated and targeted at you by the Big Tech and brands”

– Insivibly website

This concept is not new. Getting paid for doing little or nothing or in this case something you already do for fun or leisure has been packaged and sold before. Swagbucks, Neobux, Inboxdollars, all models that pay you for our online activity.

Invisibly seems to take the next step. They will collect your personal information and customized an algorithm, that is … “Content you actually want to see rather than content strategically served to you”. So it promises a more accurate but also more diverse algorithm while paying it’s users in return.

It’s obvious we can’t ignore data and data collection. If we are to embrace data and data collection then it only makes sense that we embrace and celebrate the divergence of the business of data collection.

Michal Fasone
Managing Partner, Fasone and Partners Inc.

Get social: Unleash the power your brand


Your customers are already all over the social media channels. Facebook. Twitter. Insta. YouTube. If you’re not hitting them where they are, by the time you realize your brand is already in their review mirror it could be too late.

Even if you’ve resisted the rush to social media advertising, the game is what it is. The platforms we are we using to update friends and relatives on what’s up with the fam is exactly where you should be targeting.

Social media marketing is no longer a trend. It’s becoming essential for a brand to remain relevant. It’s not only one of the most cost-efficient to reach new customers but helps establish long-lasting connections that extend into real-life business ventures and partnerships between you and your customers, clients, vendors, and distributors. Engaging with your with customers online is a great way to build your brand and really let your personality take shape, share your goals and ideals with potential customers and target the demo you want. Get feedback. Be responsive. Get your customers talking about you.

Connecting locally is another benefit of social media advertising. Sure, everyone wants to go viral, go national, worldwide even but in order to go big you need to first connect with your community and the audience of people you want walking through your door. A smart social media marketing strategy will highlight the strengths of your brand so can engage with the right audience in order and increase visibility, generate leads, and promote business growth in the market.

At Fasone and Partners we approach each client as an individual. Every business has a different objective for success, and we want to help your brand reach its full potential. Let’s get your name out there where it belongs.

Branding Nell Hills: Challenge Accepted


Occasionally, a client project arrives with very little guidelines, ‘must-haves’ or coop brand standards. These projects come with tight deadlines. Deadlines with such a fast turnaround that you start to wonder if the time allowed for scripting and pre-production are enough.

Naturally, our hands were sweating, our minds racing. It’s easy to feel an overwhelming pressure to deliver something memorable, unique, and effective.

As a full-service ad agency, we live for deadlines and creativity, so the challenge was a welcome one.

After meeting with Nell Hills and getting to know them, it was clear there is a LOT of product to show off. And it’s everywhere: two floors with approximately 16,000 square feet of home furnishings, furniture, fabrics and more. We were also tasked with branding the new owner, Katie, and positioning her as the new face of Nell Hills without being overbearing.

The challenge:

  1. Brand a blue-chip brand name high end furniture store in Kansas City.
  2. Create spots that promote their upholstery and wood furniture sale.
  3. Feature the new owner as a soft sell.
  4. Timeline: roughly 4 weeks including the Christmas holiday season.

Sure, we could get a jib arm and do wide sweeping shots. But that’s what all the furniture stores are doing. Nell Hills is so much more than home furnishings (Just like the copy on the spots say!). The spots needed to be different. They need to brand the store in a visual manner the competition and the greater DMA (designated market area – KC) has not seen.

And most importantly the creative needs to compliment the brand – this is paramount.

You can watch the spot below and see we decided to use close, intimate shots of Nell Hills furniture, fabrics, and home furnishings.

Low angles that move with the lines of the pieces we are filming. A lot of prep time went into lighting each shot adding multiple live lighting effects to create a dramatic, moody look on each piece.

The decisions to use Katie as a VO, was somewhat last minute. We felt it was a great way to incorporate more of her into the spot without her come across as a spokesperson or too ‘sales-y’. We blend her in with b-roll and hear her VO before revealing her at the end.

The creative is complimented by diversifying their previous media model. We expanded into two network stations rather than one and added our local NPR station for branding only of course and to reach an affluent demo. So far, so good. All feedback coming in has been very positive. Just what we like to hear.

Another successful Toys for Toddies in 2021!!! Thank you KC!!


First off, Happy New Year, Kansas City. Second…You are AMAZING!

This holiday season, we raised over $3,100 in cash and gift cards for our annual Fasone & Partners Toys for Toddies, not including all of the amazing gift items that were pre-shopped  and dropped off at the agency for

our family this year.

Your generosity provided clothes, toys, strollers, beds for the kids, and MORE for these families — you name it…you came through.


The best part, because of your charity, we were able to give our first family an amazing Christmas, knocking out everything on their wish list plus some.  And we had enough left over to adopt another family here in KC.

This is what Toys for Toddies is all about. Being able to help two local families have an amazing Christmas and hopefully get them off to a nice start in the new year.

Thank you again for your generous support for Toys for Toddies each and every year. This year was truly special, especially because we were unable (once again) to have a live party.

We will see you in 2022 for sure!!!

Happy New Year from Fasone and Partners!!!


Thinking of cutting your ad budget? Not so fast.


These are weird, uncertain times, right? We’ve been saying that for more than a year. It’s not that different. But it is…different.

You know what hasn’t changed? Your customers still need to hear from you.

So, cutting your ad budget to save a few bucks may seem like a good move but it would actually work against you. Don’t do it.Read More