Disney to Introduce Ad Tier Plan in December


As of December 8th, 2022, Disney+ will no longer be ad-free only. That’s big news considering as of now, Netflix is the lone streaming giant to offer ad-free viewing, but even that is expected to change by spring of 2023.

What does this have to do with you? Well, with so many of the streaming services moving into the unavoidable realm of Over the Top (OTT) streaming, now could be the perfect time to connect with a whole new audience.

The benefits of OTT streaming are numerous. First of all, they’re more versatile. You’ll no longer be restricted to your audience having to see your ad at home on the TV but wherever viewers are watching on their mobile devices.

Advertising through OTT platforms allows the ads to be tracked, measured, and optimized in real time.

Another perk of OTT streaming is the ability to target specific demographics based on audience behaviors rather than by area code.

Changing up your ad strategy and doing something new can be scary but it can also be very beneficial for your brand. We’re all watching these streaming services, and a lot of people are watching streaming apps over cable services.

OTT streaming isn’t just the future anymore. It’s the NOW.

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