Public Speaking.

When your business or event needs a speaker, we have you covered; especially when there’s an audience that craves solutions to tough problems. Taking the craft of public speaking and turning it into a conversation is our specialty. The benefit of this is the entire presentation becomes a case study, a flow of questions and answers involving the audience. We would love to share our experiences in advertising.

That involves:

  • Creative expertise on what makes good copy and a great advertising campaign.
  • Big industry changes and how to adapt your business model.
  • Media buying, the art of working with numbers.
  • The sales process and how to acquire new business.


All of these experiences can be beneficial for you and your company as well as our listening, learning and asking questions for the past 45 years.

Some popular topics are:

  • Branding
  • Rebranding
  • Creating Brand Identity
  • Integrating internal marketing teams with your ad agency
  • The importance of video content
  • Creating a multi-channel ad campaign
  • Making your media match your audience
  • When to diverge and when to converge
  • Knowing your position in your industry
  • Gauging the success of an advertising campaign
  • Transitioning your business to a second generation

Get In Touch.

If you don’t see a specific topic shoot us an email:  There are no guarantees in business or in advertising.  Good advertising doesn’t cost a penny, it makes you money. The only guarantee is of action or inaction.  Remember that brands are run by people. Sales are driven by people. When you’re ready to give your brand some personality and make it stand out let’s talk.