It’s good to be 23!!


It’s the Jordan year, 2023, and we’re right where we want to be.

Fasone and Partners were recently ranked #23 on the Kansas City Business Journal’s “Book of Lists”. And we couldn’t be more thrilled.

It’s good because it means we’re good enough to be mentioned prestigiously among the best of the best. But it also means we’re not too big for your meet your needs, budget and give you a personal and immersive experience with our agency team.

It puts us right in that sweet spot of relevance, success and respect within the industry.

Think about it in terms of college basketball rankings. Everyone wants to go play for the big name, elite squads that annually pepper that upper tier of the rankings. But playing with the big boys might mean you take a spot on the bench and might not get the attention you deserve. Maybe your talent goes by the wayside because they’ve always got bigger and better clients in their lineup.

But sitting at #23, we know we’re already good enough to beat those higher ranked agencies on any given day. What should be important to you, is that when you come play with us, you’re going to get a spot in our starting rotation and more importantly, the attention your brand requires.

Let us tell you all about how we can be the agency of destination for your business.