Another successful Toys for Toddies in 2021!!! Thank you KC!!


First off, Happy New Year, Kansas City. Second…You are AMAZING!

This holiday season, we raised over $3,100 in cash and gift cards for our annual Fasone & Partners Toys for Toddies, not including all of the amazing gift items that were pre-shopped  and dropped off at the agency for

our family this year.

Your generosity provided clothes, toys, strollers, beds for the kids, and MORE for these families — you name it…you came through.


The best part, because of your charity, we were able to give our first family an amazing Christmas, knocking out everything on their wish list plus some.  And we had enough left over to adopt another family here in KC.

This is what Toys for Toddies is all about. Being able to help two local families have an amazing Christmas and hopefully get them off to a nice start in the new year.

Thank you again for your generous support for Toys for Toddies each and every year. This year was truly special, especially because we were unable (once again) to have a live party.

We will see you in 2022 for sure!!!

Happy New Year from Fasone and Partners!!!