Thinking of cutting your ad budget? Not so fast.


These are weird, uncertain times, right? We’ve been saying that for more than a year. It’s not that different. But it is…different.

You know what hasn’t changed? Your customers still need to hear from you.

So, cutting your ad budget to save a few bucks may seem like a good move but it would actually work against you. Don’t do it.

Right now, you’re out there. You’re on TV or radio, running a strong digital campaign. You take your name out of that ad circulation even for just one or two months and all that credibility and stability you’ve established is out the window. And it’s tough gaining that market share back.

Trust us, your competitors aren’t backing off. If anything, they’re waiting for you to slip up, take your foot off the gas and then swoop in reap the benefits.

Mix up your media. Get clever with your marketing plan. Maybe you want to try cable TV instead of network TV or see how well you do with ad streaming. There are a lot of ways you can shift your agenda around without losing your well-earned foothold in the market.

Just don’t pull the plug. Come chat with us first. There are plenty of ways to adjust your spend without throwing in the towel. We’ve been getting clever with marketing and advertising in the greater Kansas City area for over 45 years. Let’s roar.

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