Media changes. The art of good creative doesn’t.

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Video killed the radio station. Cable TV was primed to be the death of the networks. The internet, eReaders, iPads and dinosaur era publishers burned print to the ground. Now social media, digital gurus, YouTube and the app de jour is fixed to kill every media platform that has come before it.

Technologies are always changing. Where we spend our attention is constantly moving. But what we as consumers pay attention to, what we’re drawn to, and how we want to be treated doesn’t change.

Good, no make that, insanely great creative delivers no matter the format.

We’re constantly looking to make a human connection.
We’re forever looking for groups — tribes — to join.
We want respect, fair play and to be a winner.
We want to be entertained, “in the know” and in on the joke.

If you can deliver that, tell that story, then we’ll reward you with our business.

New technology and big data and tweets and info graphics and Vine videos… they’re all sexy-new, but they’re only tools. Dumb tools in a technologist’s hands. Power tools in the creative’s hand.