Want your advertising to work? Sell from the inside, out.

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Sell from the inside, out.

It’s one of our founding principles. Get your staff and managers behind your advertising and your advertising can’t miss. If they’re not behind it, living it — if your customer service doesn’t match your ad’s promise — then it doesn’t matter how many Kansas City Ad Club awards your creative wins or how much money you throw at it – your ads are going to give your company a split personality.

Wizards of Ads author Roy H. Williams breaks it down:

  1. What you say in your ads is your Story (your external personality and the public’s perception of you).
  2. Your Culture is created by you, your managers and your sales training. This is who you are and what your customers encounter (the internal reality).
  3. What you deliver is an Experience (what do I get when I choose to trust you with my business).

If these three don’t align, then you’ve got problems…

When Story and Experience don’t mesh, you get bad reviews… but when the customer experiences what your ads promise, you get a fan.

When Culture and Experience aren’t in sync, you have a cancer in the company… but when they align, you have high staff morale.

When Culture and Story don’t fit, you have unimpressive closing rates…

Sell from the inside, out. Get your sales training in line with your advertising and your customer service and your Kansas City small business will “need a wheelbarrow to carry your money.”