TV vs. Digital: Mending a rivalry

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There is a war between generations, digital and traditional advertising. The need to evolve can no longer be ignored by Television, as digital has finally surpassed them becoming the dominant advertising media by spending. According to reports, Televised advertising generated $178 billion worldwide with digital surpassing them at $209 billion.


Advertisers are after scale and memorability which television can provide since it has the ability to reach nearly every person on the planet in the course of a month. Digital simply enables an individual not motivating them. Bill McCabe says, “you need to focus on synergies, not the divisions, that exist between TV and digital… The more we think about Google as a destination and less as a starting point, the better we’ll understand its connection to television.


Tv’s scale and digital’s precision are better thought of like milk and cookies: always better together. The latest Facebook IQ study shows that direct correlation. This study observed the everyday behavior of U.S. TV viewers and revealed that 94% of those studied had a smartphone “at the ready” nearby while watching TV. Ending this rivalry by working together will be better for both parties and advertisers in general.