A Look Back: It’s Never Too Soon

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2020: where has it gone? We can’t believe it’s almost spring. It seems like just yesterday our conference room was filled to the brim with gifts, wrapping paper, bows and boxes as we celebrated the 30th anniversary of our Toys for Toddies charity event.

The holiday party was celebrated with some of our favorite clients, associates, friends and family. We ate infamous KC BBQ, played games, laughed and went home with extra happy hearts (and full bellies).

Fasone is thrilled to say we had another incredible year of donations, making this one of our biggest years ever. We raised over $6,000 to help our three sponsored families. We received donations of cash, gift cards, toys, clothes and even a washer and dryer. Every wish was fulfilled. The Fasone family got to spend weeks wrapping all the gifts (wrapping competitions may have ensued).

It’s beyond humbling to think about the number of lives we’ve been able touch throughout the years. The kids we donated to our very first year might have children of their own now. The legacy of Toys for Toddies extends beyond each individual year- it shapes lives.

All this kindness wouldn’t be possible without every one our friends and what they have done for us over the years: donating money, toys and household goods, plus much more we can’t list in this blog… ok fine… a few more items we’ve been able to gift due to human generosity:

– car parts
– car repairs
– tires
– mattresses
– microwaves
– refrigerator
– so.much.food

You get the idea. It’s truly amazing.

THANK YOU to all our supporters for showing up and blessing children’s lives for 30 years.
In 2020, we’re already striving to make our 31st Toys for Toddies just as much of a blessing for our new kiddos.

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