Consumer trends all marketers should keep an eye on post Covid-19

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Now we know how the groundhog feels, coming out of our isolation to see if we can tell how much longerĀ  the madness is going to endure. Covid-19 has been an absolute game changer in the marketplace. We’re yet to see the peak of the coronavirus here in the United States, but there has been a monumental impact on the way consumers are spending their money and time and that’s not about to change even as businesses start opening their doors again and we try and get back to whatever the “new normal” is. There are a few things to keep your eye on as the world begins to (slowly) open back up again and it all centers around where consumer eyes are going to be.

If your brand was in good standing before the pandemic really shut things down, chances are you’re good to go now. In these uncertain times, people are going to rely more and more on time tested and reliable brands. This is a good time to lean on your loyal customer and client base. But you have to be ready, willing and able to deliver on your promises. Loyalty is one thing, but people also know more and more options are beginning to present themselves.

Just because quarantine is (almost) over, doesn’t mean anything is going back to the way it used to be and this is especially critical for employees, depending on your business. Even as people slowly begin to trickle back into workplaces all over the city, one thing that cannot be denied: working from home, actually….isn’t that bad. Some companies may even consider enforcing or at least allowing a continued work from home freedom. This could be beneficial from an operations point of view but would also help provide safer and healthier work conditions should the virus out stay its projections. This means more eyes at home on devices.

The DIY craze isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Once people were stuck at home, they realized they can do more things on their own than they ever thought possible, and not only can they do it themselves, it’s easier and most of the time, less money out of the pocket. This is forcing some businesses to rethink their model. Everything is being bundled for convenience so we can take it home and put it together ourselves. This bug won’t go away. More and more people are going to start looking for ways to do more and more things for themselves.

Smart phones and tablets have changed the way we do just about everything. And now, thanks to streaming services like Hulu and Vudu people can watch their favorite shows and movies, socialize with literally everyone they know and shop for pretty much anything they’d ever want to leave the house for. Throw in the booming business of online food delivery services such as GrubHub and Door Dash, as well as the popularity of curbside pickup and it’s obvious that consumers are relying on digital transactions more than they ever have before.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a playbook for how to handle this. You’ve heard it all before, “we’re all in this together.” And that goes especially for us at Fasone and Partners. But that’s why we’re here and the good news is the light at the end of the tunnel is starting shine a little optimism on what has been a bit of a rough year. This is the time to address your creative and reach out to eager customers who are looking for you.

Let us help you determine the right path for you to take in these post-pandemic days. Give us a call, 816.753.7272 and we’ll help you ROAR loud enough to be heard by the right people.