Don’t let these uncertain times keep you from hitting your target audience


Imperfection is slowly becoming a way of marketing. In this 21st century, we’re reasonably concerned about what the face of our company looks like, the way we deliver our messaging, how we package our goods and basically how all facets of everything we do portrays us to our consumers.

With modern conveniences placed on hold, now imperfection counts for something. Take for instance talk shows: they aren’t able to have the ambiance of their sets, the pulse of a live audience or live music to add to the experience. So, what have they done? They have used the imperfections to market themselves. They let their children draw the logos for the shows’ different segments. They let their kids sit behind them and play while they record their promotional clips…and if they interrupt, who cares? All the better.

If you’re watching television for even one second during a commercial break, you’ll see companies using clips of ambassadors, or even consumers, recording themselves and whoever is on FaceTime, Zoom or Skype with them as actual commercials. The General Car Insurance, Walmart and State Farm are just some examples of businesses who are doing this.Then we have chains like Burger King who are getting free advertising. They have offered free Whoppers to anyone who uses their billboards as a background on Zoom calls.

This is a perfect form of advertising and an imperfect one as well. It’s perfect because it’s free for Burger King, but it’s imperfect because they are not getting to hand pick who is promoting their product; something that when everything was ‘normal,’ we had the luxury to think about. In 2020 though, we are making imperfection and haphazard work for us.

It might even help us in some ways when everything does get back to normal. It can teach us that honesty, sincerity and creativity will always show through. Going with the moment might be a big asset not only for these times, but in future times too.

And that’s where we come in. At Fasone and Partners, we’ve been around the KC block a few times. After 45 years helping small business like yours, you better believe we know how to make something out of nothing. So, if the new normal, quarantine and a world of uncertainty has you at a loss for simple, effective creativity, maybe it’s time to give us a call.

Michal Fasone and Karol Angotti, Managing Partners