Green Your Quarantine

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Have you found yourself taking advantage of your extra time at home? Maybe you’ve picked up a new hobby or two; maybe you’ve decided to try your hand at something that in the past did not go so well, namely gardening. It seems as though some people were just born with a green thumb, others, well, what’s the opposite of a green thumb? They have that.

“Essential” industries, like gardening businesses, have continued to receive a steady income during this pandemic.

You may be wondering at this point what all this has to do with advertising. Stay with us, it loops back!

In Ad Age magazine, there’s an article detailing how small, local, horticultural stores have redirected their sales to not only include plants and visually pleasing blossoms (as they usually would), but now also includes seeds, herbs and maybe even a small harvest of particular crops. With a new fear of germs, many Americans are more likely concerned with where their food is coming from. These garden companies are offering to sell seeds and safely grown produce right from home to not only keep up revenue, but to supply to the new demand.

Now for the advertising aspect of all this: greening your quarantine. One can do this by making their home a newfound jungle, or by making money. If business is slow and the green stuff not rolling in like you wished, you can still make sure your consumers remember you when the end of all this comes around. You can add to your business making yourself necessary for any situation in life: offer free trials at home and get a discount when they come back in person, start selling new items (i.e., masks). Be creative.

Oh, hey wait! That’s our job. We are great at that! Contact us to help you keep the green stuff rolling in. We’re here for you. We can help make your business even better despite the current state of affairs. What are you waiting for? Let’s roar!