2020 and the Rise of Video Consumption

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What a difference a year makes. You’ve probably noticed video consumption has become something of a digital marketing superpower. In fact, we’re just going to assume you’re also reading this on your favorite device. So, think of it like those signs on the sides of newspaper bins around town — if you’re reading this, it’s proof that digital marketing advertising works.

Streaming services are booming right now and with the additions over the summer of new streaming services, Peacock TV, which, like Hulu, offers ads. Now, suddenly all eyes are locking in on a digital marketing gold mine. And even with movie studios threatening to release new content in actual movie theatres, the fact is, streaming is here to stay and its opening avenues to attracting new eyes. Studios will soon realize that ad money is too good to pass up.

Right now, the businesses that are continuing to thrive aren’t the ones who rested on their laurels. It’s the ones who remained vigilante and aggressive with their marketing plan and more importantly, found new ways to communicate and stay in touch with their customers. And it’s paying off for them.

But it’s not too late. There are plenty of ways to be seen by the eyes who need to be on your brand.

If you’ve gotten off your marketing game in 2020, don’t panic. That’s why we’re here. At Fasone and Partners, we work hard to see all the little glitches and trends in the local and national market so we can help you get your footing back. If your business is losing its footing in your market share, let’s talk. Don’t get lost in the shuffle. Give us a call and start climbing your way back or at least help you maintain what you’ve worked hard to earn.