Toys for Toddies 2020 Live on Facebook

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This year, since we can’t all be together, we’re doing Toys for Toddies a little different. Instead of a big party where everyone can drop off gifts for our adopted families and have a few drinks, we’re going virtual, so we can still connect the safest way possible.

Please join us on Thursday, Dec. 3rd at 3:30 pm on our Toys for Toddies Facebook page. We will be screening a special video we’ve put together featuring some of our favorite Toys for Toddies memories. This will be immediately followed by a livestream on the Facebook page and then we can all connect through Zoom, that way we can at least see all of your smiling faces as well.

You can access all of the information on Facebook, including family wish lists.

Deadline for donations is Tuesday, Dec. 15th at 5 pm. We’re accepting gifts, checks, gift cards and cash, whatever is easiest for you.

As always, we sincerely appreciate your charity and goodwill towards Toys for Toddies.

Happy Holidays!


— Michal and Karol